How to Beat the February Blues: Surviving and Thriving in Homeschooling’s Most Difficult Month

By: Kara Murphy

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative! February can be a tough month for homeschoolers. Cooped up inside, coming around the half-way point of the academic year, and the winter doldrums conspire to deflate our enthusiasm and dampen our spirits. Here are a few ways to keep your children engaged and involved...

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Press Release


HOMESCHOOLING TODAY MAGAZINE COMES FULL CIRCLE Somerset, Kentucky, December 6, 2012 — Twenty years ago Homeschooling Today magazine was founded by homeschooling parents with a vision to encourage and assist homeschooling families. Today, that magazine returns to the family as Alex and Ashley (Strayer) Wiggers, homeschool graduates and owners of Paradigm Press LLC, became...

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Calendar Memories, Part 2

We end the Twelve Days on Epiphany, January 6, the day that the church celebrates the coming of the wise men. On occasion, we host an Epiphany party and there are many traditions that go with this. I like comparing the Church Calendar to a wheel, with Christ as the hub. Christmas is the...

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Calendar Memories, Part 1

I spotted something very tiny that looked like a human figure on the floor near the fireplace. As I was getting down on my knees to discern what it was, I spotted two other similar figures nearby. I wondered if the hero from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! had visited our home. No, it was the...

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Mapping Skills Made Fun: A Series – #5

By: Maggie S. Hogan

Having gotten some good practice with navigating on foot, your students should be more than prepared to start learning how to navigate on the road. Use these ideas for teaching geography and mapping skills to your older kids. Mapping with Older Students In addition to a widespread decline in rudimentary knowledge of geography and...

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