Q: Does HST have any other products?

A: Yes.  We have added audio downloads and back issues sold individually or in packages by theme and by year.  You can find these and other additions to our product line in our store.

Q: Can I purchase back issues?

A: Yes. You can purchase them individually, or in packages by year or by theme. You can find them in our store.

Q: How many issues of Homeschooling Today are published annually?

A: Four

Q: Where is my magazine?

A: While we strive to publish in a timely way, we are limited to the finances God provides through our subscribers and advertisers, and we will not go into debt to publish an issue. Even when we publish on time, the US Postal Service delivers randomly and inconsistently. Your magazine can take two days or four weeks to arrive in your mailbox. If you’d like to check on your subscription, please email us or call 1-606-485-4105.

Q: I’ve moved, how do I get the magazine at my new address?

A: Email us or call 1-606-485-4105 and our customer service department will help you.

Q: My magazine hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

A: As you wait for the current issue to arrive in your mailbox you can access the magazine digitally. If you need access to the digital edition for the first time or if you’re not sure how to access it, please call 1-606-485-4105 and our customer service department will give you access for the life of your subscription.

Q: When will I receive my next magazine?

A: Our publication schedule is now quarterly. Lord willing, we will publish according to the following schedule:

Spring Issue:     March

Summer Issue:  June

Fall Issue:         September

Winter Issue:     January

Q: How do I subscribe if I don’t want to subscribe online?

A: Please call 1-606-485-4105 and our customer service department will help you.

Q: How do I renew my subscription?

A: You can renew online by clicking the “Subscribe” or “Renew” buttons in the store.  You can also call 1-606-485-4105 and our customer service department will help you.

Q: How can I give a gift subscription?

A: When subscribing in our store, check the box next to “This is a gift subscription.” If you want the recipient to know who the gift is from, please type your name in the field provided.

Q: What happened to May/June and July/August 2011 issues?

A: The May/June and July/August 2011 issues were published digitally only. If you would like access to them or any of your free digital magazines please call 1-606-485-4105 and our customer service department will help you.

Q: How do I submit an article?

A: Please go to the “Contact Us” page and click on the “Write for us” button and follow the instructions carefully. We only accept Word documents as attachments to emails. All other submissions will not be considered.

Q: How do I submit a product for review?

A: Homeschooling Today receives hundreds of requests for reviews of products of every kind. Our reviews section entitled Bookshelf and Beyond, is a favorite for our readers and they trust our endorsements. It is our goal to provide reviews of only products we love. We will not write negative reviews. In order for any product of any kind to be considered for review, please mail TWO copies to the following address: Homeschooling Today Attn: Reviews Editor PO Box 1092 Somerset, KY 42502. Any request that does not comply with these simple instructions will not be received.

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